2014 Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) Holiday CPC Rates

Here Comes the Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) Rate Increases for 2014?

It’s that time of year again as the larger comparison shopping engines have released their annual holiday CPC rate increases. Various channels increase rates and exposure through their affiliate networks now through to mid-January.

We have assembled a quick breakdown of what to expect and for how long. It’s important during the holiday times to make sure you monitor your spend as the traffic and CPC rates will rise over the next few months.


Holiday Rate Card Dates: October 27, 2014 – January 5, 2015
Increase Amount: 25% for all categories
Link:  NexTag Current Rate Card (Does not include Holiday Rate increases.)


PriceGrabberHoliday Rate Card Dates: October 25, 2014 – January 7, 2015
Increase Amount: 25% on all subcategories in rate card
Link: PriceGrabber Current Rate Card (Does not include Holiday Rate increases.)
Important Notice: 
Only your fixed CPC Rate Card rates will be increased. If you are participating in our bidding program, please note that your active bid amounts will not be automatically adjusted. The CPC rates of competing product offers will increase. If you do not take action and adjust your bids to account for the 25% increase, you will lose visibility and traffic in the biggest retail season of the year.


Shopping.comHoliday Rate Card Dates:  October 27, 2014 – December 31, 2014
Increase Amount:
• 64% of the rate card will have no rate increase
• 4 categories will increase by 15%
• 81 categories will increase by 30%
eBay Commerce Network (Shopping.com) will automatically adjust CPC bids during the holiday pricing period; therefore no required action is required on your part.
Link:  Shopping.com Holiday Rate Card


Gifts.com LogoHoliday Rate Card Dates: NOT YET ANNOUNCED
Increase Amount: NOT YET ANNOUNCED
Link: Gifts.com Current Rate Card (Does not include Holiday Rate increases.)


ProntoHoliday Rate Card Dates: Starts November 15, 2014 – Mid January
Increase Amount: NOT YET ANNOUNCED. Typically varies by category 17% – 20%
Link: Pronto Holiday Rate Card (Does not include Holiday Rate increases.)


Shopzilla / Bizrate
Holiday Rate Card Dates: Most likely NONE
Increase Amount: Most likely NONE
Important Notice: Shopzilla/Bizrate introduced “Fixed Rate Smart Pricing“.  Smart Pricing is $4.00 for all categories and CPC rates are based on product performance. Good news is this likely means NO HOLIDAY INCREASE for merchants!


Amazon Product Ads LogoHoliday Rate Card Dates: NONE
Increase Amount: NONE
Link: Amazon Product Ads Rate Card


BecomeHoliday Rate Card Dates: No Holiday Rate Increase
Increase Amount: No Holiday Rate Increase
Link: Become Rate Card


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