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Prana Pets Experiences Remarkable Growth Boosting Sales Revenue by Over 1200%

Faced with numerous challenges on Amazon, Prana Pets collaborates with OperationROI to revitalize their presence, optimize product listings, and significantly improve sales performance.

The Challenges

Prana Pets, a prominent player in pet wellness, faced a series of critical challenges on Amazon that were impeding their growth and market reach. Despite offering quality products, they encountered hurdles that affected their sales and brand visibility.

Prana Pets’ journey on Amazon was hampered by a combination of advertising restrictions, inventory inconsistencies, and listing difficulties. These issues not only limited their product visibility but also restricted their ability to engage effectively with their target audience. The company struggled with:

  • Poorly implemented product detail listings
  • Advertising restrictions on crucial products
  • Inconsistent FBA available inventory
  • Limited eligibility for Subscribe & Save
  • Restrictions in new product creation
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Ineffective advertising efforts

These challenges painted a complex picture for Prana Pets on Amazon, necessitating a comprehensive and strategic approach to turn the tide in their favor.

Prana Pets Case Study Challenges

Prana Pets needed a comprehensive strategy to navigate Amazon’s complex landscape and unlock its full potential.

The Solution

To address Prana Pets’ challenges on Amazon, OperationROI executed a comprehensive, multi-phase strategy, ensuring each solution was effectively aligned with specific issues to achieve goal-oriented results.

Optimizing Amazon Listings

OperationROI commenced with a meticulous optimization of Prana Pets’ Amazon listings, recognizing this as a foundational step for enhancing online visibility. The focus was on refining the product detail page titles, details, and descriptions to capture customer attention effectively and convey the unique value of Prana Pets’ products. This process was vital for improving searchability and appeal on Amazon, a platform where listing quality significantly influences consumer behavior.

In addition to textual improvements, the team dedicated substantial effort to revamping the product imagery. Recognizing the importance of visual appeal on marketplaces, OperationROI ensured that each image not only accurately represented the products but also highlighted their key features and benefits. This visual enhancement aimed to create a more compelling and engaging shopping experience, crucial for attracting and retaining customers on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Navigating Amazon Policies

One of the major hurdles faced by Prana Pets was the restrictions placed on essential products like their Adrenal Support listing. OperationROI’s deep understanding of Amazon’s listing and advertising policies enabled the team to navigate these constraints creatively. The team developed innovative strategies to maintain product visibility and engagement, ensuring that these products could reach their target audience effectively.

This phase required a delicate balance between compliance and marketing efficacy. OperationROI employed a combination of tactical approaches and methods to uphold Amazon’s guidelines. These efforts were critical in maintaining a consistent and impactful marketing presence for Prana Pets’ key products, despite the challenges posed by occasional restrictions.

Optimizing Inventory Management

Addressing the issue of inconsistent FBA available inventory, OperationROI worked closely with Prana Pets to optimize their use of Amazon’s FBA program. This collaboration involved an in-depth analysis of Prana Pets’ sales patterns and operational logistics, leading to more efficient inventory management and fulfillment processes. The goal was to ensure a steady supply of products, minimizing stockouts and maximizing sales opportunities.

A strategic move in this phase was the implementation of Manufacturer barcodes on high-volume products. This decision not only streamlined the labeling process but also resulted in significant cost savings for Prana Pets. By optimizing inventory management, OperationROI helped Prana Pets achieve a more reliable and cost-effective fulfillment process, crucial for sustaining growth and customer satisfaction on Amazon.

Expanding Subscribe & Save Participation

The expansion of the Subscribe & Save program was a key strategy for increasing customer loyalty and recurring revenue. OperationROI introduced targeted listing and advertising strategies to increase subscribers. This approach boosted the subscription rate which has been a vital factor in building a loyal customer base.

To further support this initiative, a dedicated Subscribe & Save Store page was created, showcasing all eligible Prana Pets products. This focused presentation allowed customers to easily discover and subscribe to their favorite products, enhancing the overall shopping experience. The increased participation in the Subscribe & Save program contributed significantly to organic sales growth and improved the Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) over time.

Resolving Product Flagging and Removal Issues

Prana Pets encountered challenges with Amazon’s internal system incorrectly flagging and removing their products. OperationROI took charge of addressing these issues, liaising with Amazon’s Strategic Account Services (SAS) team and catalog support teams. The team’s persistent efforts ensured that Prana Pets’ products were accurately represented in the system, preventing unwarranted flagging or removals.

This phase required careful navigation of Amazon’s complex backend processes and a thorough understanding of its product categorization and compliance requirements. By successfully resolving these issues, OperationROI helped maintain Prana Pets’ product visibility and availability, safeguarding their reputation and sales on Amazon.

Overcoming Product Creation and Visibility Barriers

Prana Pets faced significant obstacles in listing certain products, such as Intestinal Defense, on Amazon. OperationROI took on the challenge by working with the SAS team, managing GTIN exemptions, and navigating the complexities of Amazon to overcome these challenges. The team’s efforts resulted in the successful listing and sale of previously difficult-to-list products.

This achievement was not just about getting the products listed but also about ensuring their visibility to potential customers. OperationROI worked closely with Amazon support to address issues like detailed page removals and to advocate effectively for Prana Pets’ products. The team’s persistence in these efforts enabled Prana Pets to expand its product range on Amazon, tapping into new market opportunities and a broader customer base.

Boosting Brand Awareness

A key phase for success focused on amplifying Prana Pets’ brand presence on Amazon. To better resonate with the target audience and appeal across all product listings, Prana Pets created a new brand identity. This branding exercise involved not just aesthetic enhancements but also strategic messaging to convey the unique value proposition of Prana Pets’ products.

In parallel to ensure consistency, OperationROI implemented a strategy to update product listings, and advertising efforts across the platform. That included leveraging Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Video, and Sponsored Display ads carefully selected and tailored to maximize impact and reach. This multifaceted approach to brand awareness was instrumental in helping elevate Prana Pets’ profile on Amazon, driving increased customer engagement and sales.

Prana Pets Products

Remarkable Sales Achievements and Improved Efficiency

With strategic changes and focused efforts, Prana Pets witnessed significant improvements in sales revenue, units sold, and advertising efficiency.

The Results

The partnership between Prana Pets and OperationROI led to extraordinary outcomes, marked by remarkable growth and efficiency gains. One of the most significant achievements is the 1257% increase in total sales revenue. This growth in revenue is a testament to the effectiveness of the strategies implemented, including optimizing Amazon listings, navigating advertising restrictions, participating in new programs, and enhancing brand awareness. The comprehensive approach taken by OperationROI has helped Prana Pets expand their market presence and resonate more deeply with their target audience, resulting in a substantial boost in sales.

In terms of unit sales, Prana Pets has seen an impressive 1208% increase. This surge in units sold highlights the success of the various initiatives undertaken, from improving product visibility to expanding the Subscribe & Save program. The concerted efforts in these areas dramatically increased customer engagement and conversion rates.

Perhaps most notably, the average Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) for Prana Pets decreased by an average of 51% since the inception of their partnership with OperationROI. This significant reduction in ACoS reflects the heightened efficiency and effectiveness of the advertising campaigns. OperationROI’s strategic approach to advertising, which included a mix of Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Video, and Sponsored Display ads, not only increased brand visibility but did so in a cost-effective manner. This improvement in advertising efficiency played a crucial role in enhancing the overall profitability and sustainability of Prana Pets’ online sales strategy.

These results collectively paint a picture of a highly successful collaboration that transformed Prana Pets’ online presence and performance. The remarkable improvements in sales revenue, unit sales, and advertising efficiency underscore the expertise and strategic execution brought to the table by OperationROI, setting a new benchmark for Prana Pets’ continued growth and success.

Prana Pets case study chart showing the positive results after working with OperationROI
What Our Client Has to Say

Prana Pets is thrilled with the growth of our Amazon USA channel. Taking an end-to-end approach, OperationROI helped us identify, assess, prioritize, implement, and measure our roadmap tactics. Examples include product listing optimizations, opening restricted products cases, working through new product creation hurdles, and more. Despite the fast pace and volatility of selling on Amazon, OperationROI calmly works through the daily and weekly challenges. I recommended it to brands seeking help and expertise to level up on Amazon.

— Joel Morrow, CEO

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