Guess What? 20% of the Population Uses Bing. Now What?

By May 8, 2015April 25th, 2017Bing

And with Yahoo Search…That Number is Closer to 1 in 3!

This past March, something remarkable happened, although most people continued on with life none the wiser. Bing proved that Google isn’t impervious to competition.

A new U.S. desktop search report from comScore demonstrates that Bing crossed the 20% threshold in search for the first time this past March. That means 1 in 5 searchers use Bing as opposed to that other search engine.

One in five is pretty impressive. But what if we told you that the number was closer to one in three? It’s true. Because Microsoft serves Bing results on Yahoo, when you combine both Bing and Yahoo searches, comScore suggests that the number of Americans that use Bing is closer to 1 in 3.

One Grows Stagnant. Will The Other Prevail?

Let’s not get in over our heads. Google is still the dominant search platform in the U.S., particularly for desktop users. But late last year it’s share slightly dipped. While any dip is troubling, what’s more intriguing is that ever since that dip, Google’s share has leveled off at 64%.

Leveling off is another (nicer) way of saying growing stagnant. Bing, on the other hand, has been increasing nicely since 2009. It’s still not anywhere near Google in dominance, but it sure has worked hard to lessen the gap.

The Future of Yahoo and Search?

At least Google hasn’t suffered the same fate as Yahoo, which has been in a healthy decline since 2007, and in fact hit an all time low of 10% share last year. Yahoo did, however, see some spikes of usage this past winter after Firefox decided to use it as the default search engine for Americans.

For five years, Yahoo has used Bing’s search algorithms, while delivering Bing search ads exclusively. However, in a recent announcement, Yahoo has suggested it hopes to revise its deal with Microsoft, raising the question of what’s the fate of its ties with Bing?

As the months unfold, we’ll see that Yahoo will only need to power 51% of its search results by Bing. The company can use other technology to power the remaining searches.

What Does This Mean for the Future, and Your Business?

Will this negatively (or positively) impact Bing’s upward trend? Will Google continue on its leveled form, or will it see peaks and valleys in the near future?

These are questions that marketers and statisticians work hard to answer. What you, as an online retailer, need to know is that for the time being, it’s well worth your while to invest in Bing advertising. When you consider the numbers (as much as 1 in 3 Americans use Bing) you’re missing out on a gigantic piece of the pie if you’re only throwing your eggs in the Google basket.

But how many eggs should you scatter elsewhere, like with Bing and Yahoo? That’s the eternal question online retailers constantly ask themselves. Fortunately, for you, OperationROI is here to help.

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