Introducing Auto-Tagging for Bing Shopping Campaigns

By April 18, 2016April 25th, 2017Bing Shopping
Bing Auto-Tagging

Auto-Tagging Comes To Bing Shopping Campaigns!

Bing has finally added support for auto-tagging on Shopping campaigns, promising to make paid search for the Google alternative a little bit easier. They’ve added automated UTM tagging on landing page URLs for Google Analytics, specifically for text ads, keywords, and sitelinks (which was rolled out in 2014), meaning the only place where auto-tagging is not available on is contextual ads.

What Do You Have To Do As An Online Advertiser?

If you’re like many Bing advertisers, chances are you might already have auto-tagging enabled in your account. If that’s the case, put up your feet and relax. You don’t have to do a thing.

But if you need to enable it, you can do so under Account Settings.

Bing UTM Tagging

Why Is Bing’s Auto-Tagging Such A Good Thing For Advertisers?

With auto-tagging support for Bing Shopping Campaigns and Image Extensions, you no longer have to manually tag landing page URLs for these features. Auto-tagging will make it easier for advertisers to track paid search campaigns – it tells Bing to append special UTM tags to your landing page URLs automatically. With these URLs you can then build reports using your own web analytics tool (such as Google Analytics) so you know how people are getting to your website.

The appended URL might now look like:

And here’s what those characters mean:

  • utm_source=bing means the person came from Bing.
  • utm_medium=cpc means the channel or type of ad was cost-per-click.
  • utm_campaign=Sales means the keyword was the campaign Sales.
  • utm_content=Clearance means the keyword was from the ad group Clearance.
  • utm_term=Shoes means the keyword “Shoes” triggered the ad that was clicked.

More Data Means More Power Means More Responsibility

Bing’s latest auto-tagging update has been a long awaited feature for advertisers that use this search engine to gain new customers. This clearly makes it much easier for you to track your campaigns and examine where these campaigns either succeed or fail.

However, with this added power and control comes the responsibility of having to use this data effectively. That, of course, can take a lot of work. That’s where OperationROI comes in. At OperationROI, we have a dedicated Bing advertising team that will work with you to enhance your advertising strategy and help you master Bing’s auto-tagging features.

Our goal is to provide you the data you need to meet your business goals in a format that’s easy to track and understand. Learn more about how we can help you elevate your Bing advertising performance.

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