Using Bing Dynamic Search Ads For Ecommerce

By March 23, 2017April 25th, 2017Bing Ads
Bing Dynamic Search Ads

What Are Bing Dynamic Search Ads?

Earlier this fall, during their Bing Ads Next event, the folks over at Bing announced that they’d be testing dynamic search ads in the US, which will let advertisers create relevant search queries based on the content of their website.

In other words, Bing Ads will dynamically generate headlines based on the keywords used in the search query, and will then choose the best landing page to send searchers. In order for this automation to do its job, you, as an advertiser, need only to write the ad text. You no longer have to worry about keywords, ad titles or even bids.

How Dynamic Ads Also Impact Targeting

After testing this service out ourselves, we’ve determined that these dynamic ads will also simplify the targeting process. You can choose to target your ads on Bing Ads by using content that appears on:

  • Specific landing pages on your website
  • Specific products on your website
  • Certain categories
  • Your entire website

After scanning your content, Bing Ads will then show your ad for relevant queries. Running dynamic search ad campaigns can help you find missed opportunities, which you can then turn into profitable conversions.

Who Are Dynamic Search Ads Ideal For?

During its statement, Bing announced that Dynamic Search Ads are ideal for two types of customers:

  • Those who have a lot of web pages and are advertising a large number of products or services (and have a constantly changing inventory), thus making it difficult to manage search ads
  • Those who aren’t familiar with search advertising, but want to test it out

And that’s where OperationROI comes in. Regardless of which category you fall in above, our team can help you use Bing’s Dynamic Search Ads to maximize your advertising efforts and deliver the best possible return on investment. We encourage you to contact us today – at 1-888-277-5429 or by filling out our contact form – to learn more about how implementing a Bing Dynamic Search Ad strategy can boost your advertising campaigns in 2017 and beyond.

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