The Benefits Of Syncing Bing And AdWords Accounts

By May 4, 2017Bing Ads
The Benefits Of Coordinating Bing And AdWords Ads

Why to Sync Bing Ads and Google Adwords Accounts

Marketers are often told to “cast a wide net,” but such a decision can bring unexpected costs. The more platforms your company advertises on, the harder it is to coordinate campaigns, requiring extra analysis and increasing the risk of inconsistencies. To counter these negative effects, Bing recently released a feature allowing customers to sync their Bing and Google AdWords ads. By coordinating content on the two platforms, your business can:

Eliminate Effort

Traditionally, firms that advertised with both Bing and Google AdWords had to manage the two accounts separately. This meant that whenever they altered one platform, they had to repeat the same process on the other. Given that many companies make daily changes to their ads, this could quickly consume up valuable time.

With Bing’s new daily syncing option, whenever you make changes in Adwords, the same change will automatically occur on Bing after the sync. Marketers will thus need to devote less time to implementation, and can focus their efforts on creative or strategic tasks.

Review Revisions

In addition to saving time on ad updates, Bing’s new feature also provides a common interface on which to review past campaign changes. You can see the history of changes you have made to both platforms as well as the schedule for future changes. Bing will also tell you how your ads have performed during the previous 90 days. By consolidating your data from both platforms, you will be able to identify trends and opportunities more easily.

Enhance Experiments

With Bing’s new features, you can delay changes on one platform while implementing them immediately on the other. This can be useful when experimenting with different marketing strategies. By implementing a campaign on Google but delaying it on Bing, you can compare the performance of your Google and Bing ads. This will help you distinguish the effects of the campaign from other factors that affect ad performance.

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