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Google Reports AdWords Conversion Tracking Issues April 4th through April 8th, 2013

Google Adwords
Over the past couple days we have had several clients showing conversions in Google Analytics attributed to Google Adwords, however Adwords conversion tracker was not reporting these conversions. Today we received this explanation from Google via email. Apparently the issues were not wide-spread and only affected a small number of accounts. Google is also reporting that the lost data cannot be recovered. From what we can tell, the data collect in Google Analytics for Adwords during the outage was accurate.

Dear Advertiser,

From approximately April 4th 10:00am PDT through April 8th 4:00pm PDT, a technical issue affected a small number of accounts using AdWords Conversion Tracking, including your account (XXX-XXX-XXX). As a result, AdWords failed to record all conversions that occurred during this timeframe. We have resolved the issue, and AdWords conversion tracking is again recording conversions normally in your account.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to reconstruct missing conversion data. Any AdWords reports, metrics, or dashboards that include the April 4th-8th outage period will understate the actual number of conversions that occurred on your web site. As a result, metrics like conversion rate may appear lower than normal, while average cost per conversion (CPA) may appear higher than normal.

If you’ve been using optimization tools (such as conversion optimizer or enhanced CPC) that are based on AdWords Conversion Tracking data, your campaigns might have seen lowered bids and fewer clicks during the past few days. In most cases, any impact should be temporary, as fresh conversion
data is once again available.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may cause you. Systems reliability is a top priority for us, so our engineering team is conducting a thorough review to help avoid any similar interruptions in the future.

Please contact Adwords support or your Google representative if you have additional questions, or would like to discuss how best to work around the missing data.


The AdWords Team

So, if your missing some conversion data on Adwords over the past couple days, now you know why!

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