Optimize Amazon Product Ads With These Simple Tips

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A Few Simple Tips To Optimize Amazon Product Ads For Success.

Optimize Amazon Product AdsUnlike Amazon’s marketplace listings, Amazon Product Ads allow online retailers to direct shoppers to their e-commerce sites on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis. These ads funnel shoppers to your site, where any and all conversions will take place.

Why is this such a good thing? Because it allows you to have complete control over the branding and buying experience of the transaction, thus, you can offer your shoppers a more customized shopping experience. But it’s not enough to just participate in Amazon Product Ads – you need to know how to optimize your ads to make them work for you.

Here are a few tips to help you optimize Amazon Product Ads, and start seeing results.

The Data Feed

It all begins with your data feed. In order to create an Amazon Product Ad, you’ll need to provide Amazon with:

  • Product type
  • Category
  • Product title
  • Unique SKU for each product
  • URL for the product page
  • Image
  • Product price
  • Deliver charges (if applicable)

But providing just that information isn’t enough. You want to make sure you offer the best and optimized data as part of this feed to help boost your visibility.

For example, to increase matching accuracy and relevance to your customers’ searches, you’ll want to also provide a valid UPC or EAN.

Product Description – Furthermore, Amazon asks you to provide a detailed description of your product, including key features. This is a unique feature of Amazon, and an area you don’t want to gloss over. Think of the description area as an opportunity for you to provide your customers with information at no additional cost to you.

Your description should be written in a manner that helps your customers come to a decision quickly and confidently, thus it’s best to consider the questions running through their minds, and answer these questions in your description.

Keywords – You can also add five keywords for each advertised product as well. Best practices suggest you use the same terms that are proven popular on your personal web store and paid search campaigns. Again, it’s important to get inside your customers’ heads (and access a wealth of keyword data) to know what terms are being used by your target audience.

Images – Be extremely choosy on which images you decide on for your products. Studies show that customers will overwhelmingly look at an image long before they look at a text description. Thus, think of your images as visual descriptions of your product. They need to be clear, professional, and show the details that your customer wants to know about.

Regular Submissions – Your prices and inventory likely change on a regular basis, meaning you need to submit your data feeds regularly (like daily) in order to ensure that your customers don’t have a bad experience by using your Amazon Product Ads (such as an out-of-stock item or a product that’s price has increased).

Your Budget

While your data feed is a great way to optimize Amazon Product Ads, you also want to make sure that you don’t incur nasty budgetary drains, which is why you should set a daily budget and cap your spending. This is a great feature Amazon offers, as it allows you to avoid traffic spikes that will suck the life out of your monthly budget long before the month is over.

But this is also a tricky game to play. You want to make sure that you allocate enough of a budget so you don’t run out too early in the day (especially if most of your clicks happen toward the end of the day).

Always In Action – Constant Reevaluation

Sticking to these tips will help you optimize your Amazon Product Ads and enjoy a greater return on investment. However, some of these areas require a bit more thought than just action. Sure, it’s easy to submit your feed daily; however, it takes more than just a one-time deal to attach the right descriptions or keywords to your products.

Customer behaviors change throughout the seasons, and over the course of your product cycle. Today’s relevant keywords might be archaic in a month, which is why it’s important to never sit back on your Amazon Product Ads. You want to set up a regular schedule to allow time to reevaluate your entire Amazon inventory, and determine what areas need a makeover.

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