Amazon Elevates OperationROI to Amazon Ads Verified Partner

By August 23, 2022Amazon
OperationROI is an Amazon Ads Verified Partner

Amazon Ads just conferred Verified Partner status to OperationROI, making us a part of Amazon Ads elite. What does it mean to you that we have achieved Amazon Ads Verified Partner status?

Our advancement in our Amazon Ads Partner status ensures that we have expertise and experience with Amazon Ads from the source — Amazon. This lets you know that the Amazon Ads network recognizes our success in delivering growth for our advertisers. At the same time, it also reveals the company’s trust in OperationROI and our methods.

How Amazon Ads Verified Partner Status Helps YouAmazon Ads Verified Partner Logo

As the recipient of this title of prestige, we gained access to areas of Amazon Ads unavailable to those without the status. This includes its beta programs and custom training on its new product releases and available campaign strategies.

You can more easily find us in the Amazon Ads Partner Directory. This demonstrates to potential customers our knowledge and success with Amazon Ads.

Earning A Higher Certification to Better Serve Our Customers

You might not yet have heard of these designations. Amazon just launched the Amazon Ads Partner Network in 2020, but only recently launched the Verified and Advanced status levels. It brings together advertising agencies, marketing, and advertising tool developers and providers with Amazon and various advertising support businesses. This program not only provides cross-training but also enables more direct contact between partners to problem solve and enhances feedback loops so Amazon can further improve its advertising products.

Those feedback loops help Amazon offer advertisers better ways to reach their target audiences. The Amazon Ads Partner Network offers advertising and marketing agencies an effective way to better learn about and engage with their advertising opportunities for you.

While we’re proud of OperationROI’s achievement, we’re happiest that we’ll be able to provide you, our customers, with a higher level of service. The training programs we have acquired access to by reaching Verified status help us serve you better. Once Amazon knows a company’s trustworthiness, it opens new doors to an agency with its custom training programs and first looks at new products.

We’ve already started working towards our next goal — becoming an Amazon Advanced Partner — the top level, which only becomes available once a company achieves Verified status.

Customers Get Access to Advertising Options Others Don’t

Our status benefits you, the advertiser, by making available cutting-edge advertising options that your competitors who use an unverified partner can’t yet access. We can help put you in front of your target audience more effectively and in ways other agencies cannot.

Amazon offers one of the most cost-efficient advertising methods across digital media. You can quickly and easily grow your Amazon store by using its advertising mechanisms.

Amazon offers the classic pay-per-click model and options like DSP for luxury brands. If you don’t yet use Amazon to offer a custom digital boutique for your brand, you’re missing out on an opportunity to reach millions in minutes.

You can easily boost sales by opening an Amazon store or advertising your existing store using its ad campaigns. Additionally, you can also boost your offsite sales using the Amazon Ads Network, which reaches far further than the company’s own sites.

Contact Us Today

Don’t miss the opportunity to advertise through Amazon. Contact OperationROI today to jumpstart your sales or update your existing campaigns. As an Amazon Ads Verified Partner, we can offer you what others cannot.

We’ve helped hundreds of brands and sellers on Amazon sell millions of dollars worth of products. Our team of Amazon experts uses proven methodologies to scale Amazon businesses for our clients.

It’s important to find the right partner for Amazon, and that will depend on your unique needs and goals. At OperationROI, we are happy to help you assess your account and paid search strategy to develop the best way to drive more traffic and conversions.

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