How to Advertise on Amazon Product Ads

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How to Advertise on Amazon Product Ads

How To Successfully Advertise On Your Products Amazon Product Ads

Amazon Product Ads are a great way for online merchants to drive traffic from Amazon directly to their sites. And, if used properly, the traffic driven to your site will be highly motivated and targeted, thus not only increasing your site visitors but likely increasing your conversions. But how can you effectively use Amazon Product Ads to your advantage?

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$75 In Free Clicks To Start

The moment you start up your quest to advertise with Amazon Product Ads, you’ll receive $75 in free clicks, making this a truly can’t lose scenario for you, at least at the onset. But there are scenarios where your marketing efforts might go wasted. The ideal scenario would be one of the following:

  • You have an entirely unique product that other Amazon sellers don’t have
  • You have a product other Amazon sellers have, but you can match their prices

Provided you fall into one of these categories, then Amazon Product Ads are worth your while. If you don’t, give it a test run for those $75 of free clicks, and then reassess your strategy.

Be A Lean Cut, Not A Fatty Chunk

During this initial trial phase, don’t upload all of your products. Be selective. The fact that you’re able to upload your products through a .csv spreadsheet might tempt you to go just about hog-wild with your products. But use this time as a testing strip. Upload a variety of your products that represent the widest array of your inventory, so that when it’s time to look over the performances, you have valuable data that you can use to make future decisions.

Set Tracking

Before you go live with your product Ads, make sure your tracking is set up properly. You’ll have to click on the “Link Macros” tab in your account’s left-hand navigation menu, which will allow you to provide the proper parameters to gauge your listings’ performance via Google Analytics.

Once your tracking is all set, you’re good to go with your live product ads. These product ads will look like other Amazon Product Ads; however, you’ll notice a call to action statement reading: “Available at external website.”

So, What Are The Results?

Many online retailers see a pretty modest click spend for their revenue, which is exactly what you want. It’s not always just about the clicks, is it? It’s about the highly targeted clicks made by motivated consumers who are more likely to make a conversion once they hit your site.

So, Why Does Amazon Product Ads Work?

Part of the reason is because of that call to action line. You remember it, the “Available at external website” line. What that CTA does is, in a way, warn people that they’re about to leave the plush surroundings of the Amazon digs for a new neighborhood. The reality is that some people will shy away from leaving Amazon, and so they’ll never click on that ad … at least not yet. That’s because they’re not deep enough into the buying cycle to make a commitment such as leaving one site for another.

These folks are important to your long-term success, but for the purpose of your Amazon Product Ads, they’re not your ideal audience.

Then you’ll find folks who, after researching, comparing, and digesting reviews and such, are ready for a commitment, even if that means leaving Amazon. That’s why Amazon Product Ads offers you such a high ROI. It targets consumers who are extremely likely to make the buy.

What You Need To Do Now

Amazon Product Ads are a great tool for your arsenal. It can really help you win over the folks who are teetering on a purchase and just need that extra incentive. But like with any other strategy, you need to be extremely vigilant and careful with your product listings, optimized photos, descriptions, organization, and analysis. While Amazon Product Ads can be a great asset, they can also be a waste of your time, if you don’t use them properly.

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