Why You Should Use Search Term Impression Share Report for Sponsored Products

Why You Should Use Search Term Impression Share Report for Sponsored Products

When was the last time you explored Amazon’s report center? For an Amazon seller, it’s one of the most essential parts of the website. Here, you’ll find the search term impression share report for Sponsored Products.

This report compares the impression share of your sponsored products with other advertisers who share the same search term impression share report.

What’s an Impression Share?

Your impression share (IS) is the total percentage of impressions your ads receive, compared to the number they could receive. Your impression share is calculated by dividing the number of impressions you’ve received by the number you were eligible to receive.

The number you’re eligible to receive is based on factors like your ads quality scores and targeting settings.

What are Impression Shares Used for?

Impression shares are an essential metric that can help you understand why your keyword is (or isn’t) generating volume. You can see exactly how well your ads perform with a particular set of keywords. This will give you a solid idea of what words you should tweak or omit to boost performance.

If you want to get your slice of the impression share pie, you need to understand and assess your ads performance.

This doesn’t mean just knowing if it is (or isn’t) performing well. Instead, it means knowing why you’re getting a specific outcome and how to change it. What better way to do this than with a tailored report directly from Amazon?

The Impression Share Report: Explained

Amazon’s impression share report can be found in the Report Center section of their website. According to Amazon: “The report shows how your account-wide impression share for each search term compares to other advertisers, and the overall percentage of ad impressions that you receive compared to other advertisers over a selected time period.”

This will show your account-wide share of the total number of impressions of all advertisers. So, for example, if your impression share is 25 percent of the search term “smart watch” on 5th January 2020. In that case, you got 25 percent of the total ad impressions for that term on that day across all your other campaigns. All other advertisers got the remaining 75 percent.

How to Use the Search Term Impression Share Report

If you access the report and assess the metrics, you can:

  • Get a search volume estimate
  • See how competitive the niche is for a search term
  • See how competitive your ads are for a search term

This information can guide your decisions and help you make your search terms for sponsored ads even more profitable. The report also contains another new metric: Search Term Impression Rank.

Search Term Impression Rank

This provides the numerical rank of your account-wide impression share concerning other advertisers gaining impressions on the same term. If you have a numerical rank of one, this means you’re holding the top position. You would have achieved the highest impression share for a specific term.

Why Should I Use it for Sponsored Products?

The Sponsored Products impression share report can help you figure out where to spend your advertising bucks. What’s more, you can set this report on a recurring download as often as you like, so you’ll always have access to the most critical data.

The report will contain several columns, some you may have seen in Amazon’s previous reports. However, pay close attention to the customer search term, search term impression share, and search term impression rank.

These will tell you how much of the market you have a holdover. You can then combine this information with other fields like sales and impressions. The sales field tells you what is (or isn’t) driving your conversions. In contrast, the impressions field will show you what people searched for when they landed on your ad and made a purchase. If you can figure out what search terms were used to bring customers to your ads the most, you’ll know exactly where you need to position yourself on the market.

As Amazon allows you to see how well these search term impressions perform against your competitors, you’ll figure out if there’s room for you to grow. You can explore the best ways to do this. This could involve trying different ad types or key terms if necessary. Amazon sellers have been asking for the search term impression share report for a while, and for a good reason.

Thanks to this feature, you can now see the ad ranking for each search term by campaign and the percentage of times your ad was shown concerning the total number of searches.

Quick Tips for Using The Impression Share Report

Last but not least, before we round off this blog post. Let’s take a look at a couple of surefire tips on how to use Amazon’s impression share report to the fullest:

Filter the Impression Share Column from Biggest to Smallest

If you see search terms below 100 percent of the impression share, assess key performance indicators like Sales, ROAS, and CTR. This way, you can decide if it’s appropriate to increase bids and move closer to 100% impression share.

Filter by Brand Search

You should raise bids on any branded terms below 100 percent of the impression share. This can help you to prevent any sales losses against your competitors.

Are You Ready to Use Amazon’s Latest Reports to Increase Your Success as a Seller?

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