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Spending your entire paid search budget month after month with mediocre results? Continuously hearing how other companies paid search campaigns are so successful at creating new conversions on a daily basis? Haven’t heard from your current paid search marketing company in months? We hear these stories about existing PPC campaigns on a regular basis and cringe, because if you know our history, you know we understand your frustrations.

Expert Paid Search Management with Measurable Results

Having a full understanding of your specific business requirements, budgets and goals is the first step in crafting any PPC strategy. Once we understand your target audience and product offerings, we will develop a targeted paid search campaign that is highly efficient and ever evolving. Using campaign performance data, we will execute PPC strategies leveraging traditional text ads, display ads, and remarketing to meet and exceed your target business goals.

E-Commerce Paid Search Marketing Evolved

The founders of OperationROI have been managing pay-per-click banners and text ads on the Internet before the birth of Google, so we think we have a solid base for understanding what’s involved on a daily basis. Traditional PPC advertising is still a key component to many businesses’ success, and like most forms of online marketing, PPC campaigns are becoming more complicated requiring better strategy and focused attention.

Certified Pay-Per-Click Management

OperationROI is not only experienced in paid search management strategies, but we are certified by in Google Adwords and Bing Ads. You can be comfortable knowing that when we manage your account, we use best practices as outlined by both Google and Bing.

Long-Term Partnerships Built for Success

Our pay-per-click management team is trained to provide you the attention that will exceed your expectations. As we develop a long-term partnership, we will gain a better understanding of your business, products and audience that will help us with the goals of increasing conversions and ROI. Our commitment to every client is unmatched, because we’ve been in your shoes and understand the work involved in setting up a successful campaign and developing a strong partnership.

Paid Search Management Services

  • Assign a dedicated OpROI Marketing Analyst to your account
  • Gain full understanding of your specific business requirements and goals
  • Audit of your current and past paid search marketing initiatives
  • Research and develop keyword and keyword phrases that are relevant to your products or services
  • Implement an comprehensive and ongoing negative keyword list
  • Review expectations, goals and budgets
  • Monitor and adjust bidding and daily budgets to meet performance goals
  • Write effective ad copy and ad variations for testing
  • Review and set time-of-day and geographical targeting
  • Set up ad extensions for locations, calls, seller ratings, and consumer ratings
  • Assist in implementing Google Analytics and PPC conversion tracking for the best possible tracking
  • Evaluating and report on campaign performance data for increasing visibility and ROI

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