Email Marketing Management

Still an invaluable tool in your direct marketing

Contrary to what some might think, email marketing is not dead. Twitter and Facebook didn’t kill it. Spam didn’t lessen its impact. No, despite talk of its premature demise, email marketing is alive and well and works amazing well, when done right.

Email marketing remains a very powerful form of direct marketing. It allows you to target your message, helps to build relationships, support sales through other channels and, importantly, it’s inexpensive. Email marketing is an easy way to keep your name in front of customers, or potential customers. Even in today’s rich social media environment, email marketing is still an essential strategy for all website owners.

At OperationROI, we offer an Email Marketing Service, complete with creating custom html emails for mobile and web, to the actual send of your campaigns. We also provide detailed reporting that includes open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, bounce rates, spam rates, among other metrics.

How Social Media Enhances Email Marketing

Improves Brand Building

By getting your message out and allowing group discussion, you engage the target audience more deeply and get a better understanding of your customer. This allows for refined messaging and expanding your reach to potential customers.

Allows for New Customer Acquisition

With the discussions taking place on social media sites, you have now expanded the reach beyond the opt-in list. This allows for a faster and low-cost source of new opt-in names for future email deployments. It also allows for continual acquisition between email deployments.

Helps with Customer Retention

Social media helps maintain customer retention by allowing ongoing looped communication. This communication allows for deeper engagement and emotional investment by the participants. It also improves relevance of a particular product, service or brand.

Overall Success with Messaging

Getting your messaging out and monitoring it on social platforms creates a simple survey/panels type forum for your target audience. This allows the audience to better understand the product or services and the needs of the consumers, good or bad. It also allows for faster PR buzz, again positive or negative. Understanding the good/bad or positive/negative will allow for revised messaging, product modification or improved services in the future.

As an advocate of email marketing, OperationROI is a firm believer that this medium is not only here to stay, but an integral part of any marketing campaign. Email deployments are important for marketing any product, service or brand — and we can help you in all phases of strategizing, deployment, analysis and maximizing ROI.

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