The Connexity/PriceGrabber Unified Network is Live

Okay, the Connexity/PriceGrabber Network is Live, Now What Do We Do?

Now that the Connexity/PriceGrabber unified network is live, Connexity has sent out the email below to help you transition through this process.

Connexity / PriceGrabber Migration Tips

Here are some additional tidbits from Connexity that will also help guide you through this process.

Targeted Bidding:
Targeted bidding is now available on Connexity. So you can start optimizing to the new bidding structure for any Connexity accounts.

PriceGrabber Migration:
PriceGrabber campaigns, have to paused by the Account Managers at Connexity.

Prior to the migration:

  • Make sure you have an active account on Connexity.
  • Have all the bidding set up appropriately on Connexity prior to migration.
  • Once complete, contact Connexity to pause your PriceGrabber account.

Email from Connexity “The Connexity/PriceGrabber Unified Network is Live”

Dear Valued Client,

Great news! The Connexity/PriceGrabber unified network is live. The majority of your traffic will move to your Connexity account this week and you can now use a combination of Target CPC and Single Rate bidding. Now is the time you should make sure every subcategory or product has a bid. As a reminder, zero bids will no longer be valid after September 30th and only products with a Single Rate CPC will be guaranteed the maximum exposure to all traffic.

All accounts will be running exclusively on the unified Connexity platform by October 30, 2015. We’ll send you another update in two weeks. Now that the migration has started you should see traffic billed through the PriceGrabber interface begin to decrease and Connexity network to increase as the PriceGrabber traffic starts to flow through. By the October 30 date you should be seeing little to no traffic referred from your PriceGrabber feed.

This email serves as a notice that your merchant agreement (RMA) with PriceGrabber will be terminated effective October 30, 2015. After October 30th, all campaign management and billing activity will take place in the Connexity account interface. All positive PriceGrabber account balances will be transferred to the Connexity account. You can Contact Us to make other arrangements.

What will I need to do?

1. Bidding: IMPORTANT: Click here to watch a quick, 90-second video recapping our new pricing options.

  • Subcategory Bid (Mandatory): Enter a subcategory bid in the Connexity Business Services bidding tool for every subcategory listed. If you do not enter a subcategory bid, your bid will automatically be set at the $4 Single Rate. Here are the two options for setting subcategory bids.
    • Single Rate CPC:
      • Bid $4 or higher
      • Actual billed CPCs are much lower (as low as $.01) and could even be less than a Target CPC bid for the same product. Click here to see the avg. CPC by category for the last three quarters.
      • By bidding in this Single Rate CPC bucket, you are guaranteed the maximum exposure to all traffic.
    • Target CPC:
      • Bid $0.05 – $1.25
      • Your billable CPC will never be more than 30% above your bid and could be as low as $.01
      • You have more control over your bid, but you are not guaranteed the maximum exposure to full traffic
      • The lower the bid, the less traffic you should expect to receive

Download our Pricing FAQ to learn more

2. Feeds:

  • If you have a Connexity feed, make sure all your PriceGrabber products are being included in your feed to ensure you continue to receive sales for these products. We can also use your PriceGrabber feed in place of your Connexity feed.
  • If you have never advertised on Connexity you will need to create an account. Sign up for a new account or Contact Us for help getting started.
  • Product Level Bid (Optional) – Provides the flexibility for a product bid different from the subcategory bid.
    • You can place bids at the Single Rate CPC or Target CPC (or a combination of both)
    • Only Single Rate bids are guaranteed access to maximum traffic volume
    • Bidding tool will accept bids of $4 or higher for Single Rate and $0.05 -$1.25 for Target CPC
    • Feed bids:
      • $0.00 bids in the feed will be billed at your subcategory bid rate
      • Bids between $0.01 and $0.04 will be pushed to $0.05
      • Bids of $1.26 to $3.99 will be read at the Single Rate of $4 (and be smart priced down).

3. ROI Tracker: Remove PriceGrabber ROI Tracker and Install Connexity ROI Tracker. If you have both tracking codes installed on your website please remove the PriceGrabber code so your performance is tracked correctly. You can get the Connexity ROI Tracker pixel here.

4. PriceGrabber’s Shopper Survey will be migrated to the Connexity Bizrate Insights platform on October 1st. If you currently participate in the program, no changes are required on your part. If you want more information on the Bizrate Insights survey program click here.

What is the timing?

  • Sept. 21 – Your PriceGrabber traffic will begin to be migrated to Connexity.
  • Sept. 21st to Sept. 30th:
  1. New bidding platform is available – adjust bids, if necessary
  2. Make sure that your feed contains all your products that were being sent to both Connexity and PriceGrabber and that all products have a bid
  3. Replace all zero bids in feed and/or bidding tool with an acceptable bid value
  4. Effective October 1st zero bids will no longer be honored and will be read as the subcategory bid.
  • Sept. 21st to Oct. 30th – (recommended before Oct 1st):
  1. Contact your Account Manager to pause your PriceGrabber account
  2. Stop sending a feed to PriceGrabber
  3. Remove PriceGrabber ROI pixels
  • Oct. 30th: PriceGrabber platform is retired.

We are excited about providing a consolidated source of the best quality leads to our customers and thank you for your continued partnership. Please contact your Account Manager with any questions.

Connexity Merchant Services

Get Help With This Change With OperationROI

While Connexity is certainly excited about this migration, this transition will provide unwanted issues along the way. To make sure your migration is managed properly, and that you make the most out of this new, consolidated platform, contact OperationROI. We’ll help you optimize your account to ensure that by the end of October you’re in position to excel with Connexity into the holiday season.

Call us at 1-888-277-5429 or by filling out our contact form to learn more.

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