PriceGrabber and the Ecommerce Merchant. A perfect match?

Comparison Shopping Engine PriceGrabber Benefits Many Ecommerce Merchants.

PriceGrabberComparison shopping engines (CSE) have helped retailers and shoppers come together in a single format so that transactions can be made with little effort. Pricing, shipping options, and services of merchants are beautifully detailed on the pages of a CSE so that shoppers can truly compare their options, and choose the merchant that works best for them.

That’s a very good thing, so long as you, the merchant, are being chosen more often than not. But you can’t be chosen if you’re not listed, which is why ecommerce merchants set up accounts with CSEs including Google Shopping and Nextag. But what about PriceGrabber?

PriceGrabber is a traditional CSE, but it offers a bit more as well. In addition to displaying products on its site, PriceGrabber provides Market Report, a market research tool that allows retailers to track consumer purchases and product pricing trends. Furthermore, when you list your products on PriceGrabber, you’ll also have your products listed on Yahoo Shopping as well.

When choosing which engines to list your products on, results should matter. Of course you’re going to list on Google, as it ranks number one in terms of CSE performance. Amazon is another engine you’ll likely list on (the reason being that Amazon and Google don’t play nice in the sandbox, so it’s best to list on both, to widen your coverage area). But in overall CSE performance and experience, it’s worth noting that many industry experts rank PriceGrabber higher than Amazon.

One of the reasons for this is because of PriceGrabber’s stellar customer support. You might think that this is an insignificant feature, but think again. Google ranks terribly low in terms of support, and any merchant who’s had to enlist the help of Google Shopping understands why. Remember, the big picture here is ROI. If you have to invest time into getting answers to your problems/questions, then the ROI drops. With PriceGrabber, your time is respected.

Increased traffic for the holidays

PriceGrabber enjoyed the second most traffic (behind Google PLAs) during the holiday season, meaning that if you design a well planned, and well-timed ecommerce attack, you’ll enjoy a high ROI with PriceGrabber.

You can also bid below the minimum CPC with PriceGrabber, which most CSEs can’t say they offer. This allows you to downbid your products that aren’t performing well, without removing items from your product data feed.

Spreading your reach with PriceGrabber

You are obviously going to list your products on the big boys, namely Google and Amazon, but there are a handful of other CSEs out there that, if used correctly, can be as effective (if not more) than the CSE giants. PriceGrabber Merchant Center has many benefits to an ecommerce merchant, so long as you use it wisely.

Choosing the right CSEs for your product listings is challenging and time consuming. But in order to make the most of your listings, you need to choose the CSEs that are right for you. Learn more about which CSEs, including PriceGrabber, work best for you. Call OperationROI at 1-888-277-5429 or fill out our contact form.

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