Pokkadots Increases Amazon PPC Revenue by 700%

After A Series Of Unsuccessful Experiences, Pokkadots Partnered With OperationROI’s Amazon PPC Team To Get Them Back On Track

The Challenges

Pokkadots sells beautiful designer baby and kids furniture, strollers, and bedding products on its own website as well as Amazon. They reached out to us after seeing their Amazon sales decrease and ACoS% rise while using various agencies and an automated Amazon bidding management tool. They had very simple goals for OperationROI, get their ACoS% back under target goals and increase sales. After reviewing their Amazon PPC campaigns, it was easy to see why the ACoS% was out of control. Our tasks:

  • Reduce ACoS%
  • Optimize the bidding strategy
  • Shift current budgets
  • Review ongoing campaigns
  • Develop new campaigns
  • Increase sales from PPC
Pokkadots Website

OperationROI’s strategy to fix Pokkadots Amazon PPC performance included campaign optimization, streamlined bidding strategies, and shifting current budgets

Amazon PPC Success Story for Pokkadots

The Solution

Pokkadots needed us to implement a strategic plan in order to fix the problems that were hurting the overall performance of their Sponsored Product Ad campaigns. To address and resolve some of the underlying issues we had to drill-down on reducing the wasted spend and focus on products that had greater potential to sell well on Amazon.

Phase 1: Reduce The ACoS%

Our first goal as we took over management of their paid search efforts was to reduce the bleeding as the ACoS percentage was way out of control. We developed a 3-step plan to get the ACoS back inline with Pokkadots goals and increase sales.

Amazon PPC Case Study for Pokkadots

Step 1 – We had to reduce the spend on current campaigns that had high ACoS%. We reviewed performance over the past several months to determine which campaigns were underperforming and required significant reductions in spend.

Step 2 – Reducing spend helps, but is not the only step we took to improve the ACoS as we identified plenty of ASINs that had better potential on Amazon based on historical data. After identifying those products we systematically began to increase spending on those campaigns.

Step 3 – Finally the bidding was adjusted to not only focus on products that historically had good ACoS, but on products that had better potential to sell better. We started by increasing bids on top-selling brands, products with higher margins, and higher priced items.

Pokkadots - Amazon PPC Case Study

Phase 2: Create New Campaigns and Targeting

The second phase of improving their Amazon PPC performance consisted of developing new campaigns to help increase traffic and boost conversions. We began by creating a variety of new campaigns segmented by brand or category. Leveraging auto campaigns, manual campaigns, and smart bids we began testing to determine what campaigns, brands, product categories, or products could successfully increase sales while maintaining ACoS goals. Once we could determine if a brand or category was having success, we developed additional campaigns and systematically executed product targeting.

Phase 3: Review, Adjust, And Test Some More

Within the first couple of weeks, the campaigns were performing much better. ACoS was back into the range that Pokkadots needed, but sales had only increased a little. After further discussions with the clients, and getting a better handle on their campaigns, we began getting even more aggressive. Testing, creating more campaigns, adjusting bids, and testing again. Finally, the data started to identify several super-selling products that began to drive significant sales for Pokkadots. Focusing more on these top-selling products and reducing costs has produced some great result, in a relatively short time-span.

Pokkadots ACoS% Has Decreased by 75%

Within the first four months, ACoS percentage decreased by 75% and orders from PPC were up by 348%.

The Results

The results for Pokkadots Sponsored Product Ads have been great so far, even only after four months. Once we identified the campaigns with high spends and high ACoS we began to get the account under control. With additional optimization to their campaigns, a couple of weeks of new data, and great input from our client we were able to further optimize the campaigns for success. We began to see an increase in exposure and sales, but more importantly a reduction in ACoS%. To date, overall Amazon PPC sales revenue has increased by 700%. Orders have increased by 348% and ACoS percentage has dropped over 75%. Pokkadots has only been a client for a short period of time, but like every other valued client, we will continue to help them grow on Amazon.

Pokkadots Sales Results
What Our Client Has to Say

“We’ve used a number of different agencies claiming to be experts in Amazon Product Ads and researched many, many more. They all claim to have the best methods, the best systems, and the best results. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Late last year, our previous agency ruined our APA program and caused the revenue to decline by 80% due to mismanagement and having no attention to detail.

I was about to give up entirely on APA but decided to give OperationROI a shot as it couldn’t get any worse. I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made. Our revenue is up 700% in 3.5 months with our ACoS down 75%. OperationROI’s methodical approach to APA, as well as their effort in learning and understanding our business, margins, and goals, has been key in our performance results. They went the extra mile to dig not only dig into my current APA account but also my business. No other company we researched or tried in the past have come remotely close to comparing to what OperationROI has done. They have not only turned around our APA program but allowed it to thrive and surpass our loftiest goals!”

— Devin Weisleder, Owner

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