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Fast Eddy Bearings Increases Google Shopping Orders by 500%

Fast Eddy Bearings teamed up with OperationROI to scale their online business

The Challenge

Maintaining a high ROI isn’t everything when you are selling ball bearing kits primarily for Remote Control (RC) cars and engines. With many of these kits selling for under $10, getting a high ROI while keeping several thousand kits visible was a problem. Fortunately for us, Fast Eddy understood his clients and their tendencies to purchase multiple times over. Unfortunately, they were still losing too much money on Google Shopping and not generating enough new customers. After reviewing the Fast Eddy products, current campaigns, and client lifetime value we developed a strategy to generate more new clients by maintaining a lower than normal ROI. This would allow for more flexibility with budgets while still maintaining positive sales numbers. To accomplish our tasks we had to address three main issues:

  • Fix a feed that was missing relevant data and not nearly optimized for Google Shopping
  • Keep several thousand products listed on Google Shopping, many under $10, profitably
  • Incorporate better campaign segmentation to maximize top selling products visibility
Fast Eddy Bearings Website

OperationROI addressed Fast Eddy’s primary goal by segmenting the products for optimal bidding strategies.

The Solution

Fast Eddy knew his customers and his products, but mastering a successful product feed and Google Shopping campaigns was a challenge. To address and improve upon his previous efforts we had to resolve some of the feed issues and develop a new strategy for his shopping campaigns.

Phase 1: Optimize A Feed For Google Shopping…And Bing Too!

Once we dug into his product feed to begin optimizing the attributes we found some major issues that needed to be resolved. We discovered many of the products were missing relevant and required data. A limited amount of the data was available from his website, but it was never configured properly for his feed. Unfortunately, much of the required data for the feed was unavailable from the website and would have to be created and merged with this existing feed. This extended the initial time it took us to launch all of his products, however, once his products were all optimized and successfully submitted to Google, there was an almost immediate increase in traffic and sales.

Phase 2: Profitably List Several Thousand Products, Many Under $10

The second challenge was keeping several thousand products listed on Google while keeping the ROI above our new goal. Like most online business only a small percentage of his catalog would convert sales on a regular basis, however, his target market, many kids, liked to window shop…a lot. It was important that we keep all of the products listed, yet reduce the costs generated by the window-shoppers and focus on his better selling products. Prior to hiring OperatioROI all of his products were grouped all together in one ad group that was underperforming. Instead of segmenting his products into new smaller ad groups we leveraged our in-house software to separate all of his products into Single Product Ad Groups.

The initial upside of segmenting all of his products individually was the ability to lower the bids on his low-converting and low-dollar products. This allowed us to focus more budget on the top-selling products. Yes, this could have been achieved without segmenting all of the products individually. However, by using this strategy to segment his products to the product level, we now had much greater control of negative keywords. After a thorough analysis of his search terms, we were able to start adding generic search terms to many of the underperforming products that still got high amounts of traffic. By adding these generic negative keywords to specific products we were able to drive generic search traffic to top performing products. With the increased traffic now being directed more to his top-selling products, the ROI started hitting the target goal.

Fast Eddy Has Increased Revenue By 228%

The Results

Thousands of conversions later and ROI is up well above the target goal. Once we successfully optimized the product feed to Google there was an improvement in search results. This increase in exposure lead to an almost immediate increase in traffic and sales. Then after segmenting all is his products into Single Product Ad Groups we had greater ability to focus on his top-selling products, keep the remainder of his catalog visible, and hit his target performance goals.

The results, the average number of monthly conversions from Google Shopping is up over 500%. Fast Eddy Bearings has been a valued client of ours for over four years and we continue to help them grow their online business on Google and Bing!

Fast Eddy Bearings Results
What Our Client Has to Say

As a small business owner choosing a partner is a critical decision. OperationROI has proven to be an excellent choice to manage our online marketing. Like many small businesses, we were reluctant to make the time costly consuming jump into the complex world of managing our online marketing and the ever-changing platforms that are associated.

OperationROI has proven time and time again that they are our most valuable advertising asset. It used to be “How much do we have to spend”, and now it’s all about “How much more can we make”.

If you’re looking for a management solution, OperationROI is not a blind jump into the dog eat dog world of online marketing. They are a gentle elevator ride to the top floor.

— Ed Knapp, Owner

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