Access Sites That Receive Over 200 Million Visits Monthly with Feed Management, an eBay company, is one of the leading on-line shopping comparison networks globally. A pioneer of online comparison shopping and one of the fastest growing shopping destinations, has a comprehensive selection from thousands of trusted stores from across the Internet. The website empowers shoppers with easy-to-use search tools, engaging content, and millions of  product and merchant reviews from the This combination has resulted in higher conversions and revenue for merchants, and a better shopping experience for consumers.

eBay announced in April of 2013 that (an eBay Company) will be rebranded as the eBay Commerce Network.

ebay-commerce-network-logoThe eBay Commerce Network will connect 4,000 merchants with millions of consumers on and on their partner networks. The partner networks gives access to sites that receive over 200 million visits monthly. Participating websites and retailers include Macy’s, Target, Best Buy, and Wayfair. Retailers can acquire new customers and increase online revenue by promoting  products through highly targeted ad placements across our network of publishers.

eBay Commerce Network operates in 5 markets globally, including the US, UK, Germany, France, and Australia. Optimization tools

  • Category Bidding – Increase product visibility across our network.
  • ROI Tracker – Leverage performance data to maximize ROI.
  • Survey Tool – Establish a service rating so consumers can purchase with more confidence.

Get started today’s huge network is a great way display your products to a large consumer audience. For more information on how our feed management team create shopping product feeds and  strategies to get your products listed, optimized and relevant, contact us or call us at 888.277.5329.

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