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bing-ads-logo-colorBing Shopping feed management begins with a quality product data feed, formatted for Bing, that includes specific product details and information. The success of your shopping campaigns starts with a optimized data feed that incorporates the necessary attributes required. To reach your target ROI goals you must have a strategic plan for segmentation, as well as a bidding strategy to succeed.

Why Hire Bing Shopping Professionals?

Bing Shopping, driven by Product Ads, are image driven product advertisements that include basic product information. Product Ads, similar to Product Listing Ads on other search engines, require knowledge of both Bing Merchant Center and Bing Ad Center. Managing and maintaining these product ads in-house is time consuming and requires someone with intimate knowledge of how Bing Shopping works. Our Bing Shopping feed management team knows how to cultivate a quality product data feed meeting the ever-changing feed requirements established by Bing. And with years of experience managing e-commerce websites paid search campaigns, our Bing Accredited Professionals management team knows how to sell retail products online.

Shopping Feed Management For Success

  • Feed Audit
  • Optimization
    • Improve the search relevancy for both human queries and Bing’s bots by analyzing all essential attributes avaliable.
  • Product Categorization
    • Assign all products a Bing Product Category using the most relevant categories as listed in the Bing Category Taxonomy.
  • Product Filtering
    • Remove groups or individual products for any reason, including performance filtering.
  • Enhance Feed Attributes
    • Incorporate any additional information and attributes to improve product ads using external files.
  • Bid-Management
    • Increase exposure and conversions by managing bids on individual products or product groups.
  • Product Segmentation
    • The grouping of products into brands, categories, prices or performance is key for any shopping campaign bidding strategy.
  •  Product Tracking
    • Track product-level performance by monitoring clicks, conversions, revenue and spend.
  •  Extensions & Integrations
    • Consult in the implementation of additional extensions and services such as Bing Rich Captions.

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