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Amazon ManagementOur Amazon Management team understands to reach new customers and drive conversions, you need to distinguish the opportunities and nuances of advertising on Amazon. We understand the competition is fierce and you must take every advantage possible to thrive. From optimizing product data feeds, researching keywords, ASIN lookups, developing product feedback strategies, running Sponsored Product Ads, or creating Amazon A+ detail pages our team of Amazon experts leverage the strategies necessary to increase exposure and revenue.

At OperationROI we understand the importance of providing Amazon with accurate product data containing all of the required and recommended attributes to be optimized for success. To thrive, products prices need to be competitive, inventory needs to be up to date, and shipping must be timely. Amazon holds its merchants to a higher level, and to make sure every person gets the customer experience, Amazon monitors every purchase.

Comprehensive Amazon Management

For optimized marketplace penetration we will focus on the following:

  •  Product Content Development
    • Our listings experts will develop and optimize product titles, bullet points and descriptions. Properly crafted Amazon product information will significantly increase page views and product sales.
  • Product Detail Optimization
    • Often overlooked, but a key element, is the product details that are associated with each product. We work with merchants to make sure these bullets points are concise, unique, and contain the vital keywords that lead to conversions.
  • Amazon SEO: Keyword Harvesting
    • Since consumers on marketplaces tend to have a higher intent to purchase, selecting the best keywords for your products is vital for Amazon Marketplace success. That’s why we help our clients leverage the best keywords because we understand how to get your merchandise in front of the people who want it.
  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) Lookup
    • The ASIN is a 10-character alphanumeric unique identifier assigned by Amazon for product identification. With our UPC to ASIN lookup, we can take your UPCs, bulk lookup and sync your inventory file with your Amazon seller account.
  • Amazon PPC Management
    • Another way to stand out from your competition and drive traffic is to take advantage of paid opportunities. By managing additional services like Amazon Sponsored Product Ads and Amazon Marketing Services for vendors, we get your products in front of a broader audience.
  • Repricing Software
    • The ability to outsmart and dominate the competitive landscape on Amazon and win the Buy Box is critical for success. Our strategic and powerful automated repricing software is designed for the smartest sellers, empowering our clients to boost sales and maximize profits. Our market data intelligence is updated every 15 minutes, allowing us to collect competitor data and reprice your items based on the competition — keeping you ahead of the pack.
  • Product Feedback Management
    • Product reviews play a significant role in overall sales performance on Amazon. Product reviews will both positively and negatively affect product discoverability. We understand the value of positive product feedback and it impacts. So, we help develop campaigns using your own software or platforms like FeedbackFive, to increase the product reviews and solicit feedback.
  • Amazon Promotions
    • From Lightning Deals to Buy One Get One offers the Amazon marketplace has a myriad of promotions to choose from. OperationROI experts will work with you and find the best offer for your merchandise.
  • Amazon A+ Pages
    • Amazon A+ Enhanced Marketing Content is a great way to get a leg up on the competition after all, a picture says a thousand words. Whether you’re paying for them individually or enrolled in the Amazon Exclusives program our team will help craft an attractive and keyword rich A+ detail page for you.
  • Customer Service Consulting
    • Maintaining a high seller rating is key to visibility and overall sales performance. The Amazon Seller Rating is based on overall customer experience from purchase, communication, shipping time and even return satisfaction. We understand how Amazon uses this data, and how to identify customer services improvements that can lead to more satisfied consumers and increase ratings. We also know the most common reasons customers leave negative feedback and address these situations to prevent similar feedback in the future.

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