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Winning the Buy Box on Amazon is critical long-term seller success. Having a competitive advantage is a must, which is why the top sellers are using repricing tools. Having the ability to automatically reprice products based on your competitors will allow you to stay ahead of the competition, and ultimately increase Buy Box exposure. Our powerful automated repricing software is designed to empower our clients to boost sales and maximize profits. Marketplace product data is is updated every 15 minutes, allowing us to reprice your items based on qualified competitors — keeping you ahead of the pack.

Reprice your Products Automatically

Winning the Buy Box and outmaneuvering your competitors has never been easier. Our Repricing Software gives you the ability to compete to win Amazon’s Buy Box by automatically repricing products in order to beat competitors and increase sales. No need to manually make changes to your products in order to offer a competitive advantage. Every 15 minutes, our software samples data from all other sellers and makes sure your products are at the top of the list.

Set a Floor Price

Never have your products steep below a certain price. Floor pricing can be set for each of your products, as well as a maximum price. Easily view stats on how many of your  products are priced at the floor, how many are being repriced, and how many are winning the Buy Box.

Automatic Product Importing

All products are downloaded automatically and populated into the Repricing Software where they are managed. The Amazon Open Listing Reports (OLR) allows us to pull all of your product data and present it right on the dashboard. View all product details, as well as see orders by day, week, month, or specific date range. Easily export a CSV of any and all data for the dates chosen.

Schedule Tasks

Create different repricing rules and tasks to occur at specific times, or have them running at intervals every certain number of minutes or hours.

Reports and Statistics

View detailed reporting of all products along with current statistics. The dashboard lists the current number of products being repriced, how many products are winning the Buy Box, priced at the floor, and priced manually. View the performance percentage, total sales, units sold, and orders over any date range. Change the date range to view charts of a specified period of time.

Weekly Statistics

Sales in the Past Week

Orders in the Past Week

Units Sold in the Past Week

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Report

Easily view graphs of your repriced items, Buy Box winning items, Total Sales, Total Orders, and Units Sold and toggle the dates.

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