Executing Ecommerce Marketing Strategies for Optimized Return On Investment

OperationROI strives to be the only ecommerce marketing management company you’ll ever need.  Our job is to drive qualified traffic to your website, as well as increase conversions and ROI. Our strategic multi-channel approach leverages a variety of marketing channels including: shopping feeds, product listing adscomparison search engines, marketplacespay-per-click, affiliate marketing, social media, email marketing, and more.

Through a combination of a deep bench of experts, web analytics and a proven methodology, we’re committed to one primary goal — to increase the return on our client’s advertising investment. We achieve this objective, time and again, through a three-stage approach:


We recognize every business is different. Many marketing companies use cookie-cutter plans to determine how you should market on the Internet. By contrast, we spend time learning about your organization and vertical markets so we can customize strategies tailored to your specific goals and objectives.


OperationROI operates differently. We get surgical and we stay surgical. Our time is spent constantly analyzing your advertising campaigns and looking for new opportunities not only to expand your campaigns but also to increase the return. This is where most other firms fail. They start off with a big show, then do very little else. We’re not interested in simply maintaining your campaigns; our goal is to maximize their potential.


Long-term strategies and short-term tactics go a long way, but proper execution is essential in launching and maintaining any campaign over extended periods. Our strength is our extensive knowledge of ecommerce and web marketing.  We know what works, what doesn’t. So we use our knowledge to build your online site into a lucrative profit center, with minimal spend.

At OperationROI, we’ve worked with all kinds of companies. From small retailers looking to increase traffic to large ecommerce companies selling thousands of products online, each company has different needs and goals – except for return on investment.

Everyone works hard for their money, everyone deserves a good return for money spent. We understand that. Which is why we’ve built an entire ecommerce marketing management company around that one concept: optimizing your return.

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