Shopzilla (BizRate) and Your Online Business Sales

Shopzilla/BizRate and Your Online Business

ShopzillaShopzilla has undergone a series of name changes and updates in its life. It began as Binary Compass Enterprises, changed to BizRate in 1999, then finally evolved into Shopzilla in 2004. One thing has remained the same – it’s growth in the price comparison shopping niche.

It may seem confusing to separate Shopzilla from BizRate, but they are different. BizRate is a consumer feedback network that collects customer reviews of stores and products. Score well with BizRate, and you’ll score well with future customers. A Shopzilla shopping account, however, helps connect web surfers to (as their mission claims) anything, sold by virtually anyone, anywhere. The numbers don’t lie – the company is doing its job well. Nearly 50,000 retailers list products on the website, featuring tens of millions of products. And Shopzilla searches other shopping sites too. And these products are being shown to some 20 million unique visitors every year, and 40 million shoppers each month.

Merchants have the freedom to set the amount they pay per click, manage and edit their product listings. They also have the ability to track the performances of their campaigns, and have access to customer feedback and ratings. This can really put a merchant in the driver’s seat of their campaigns.

Recently Shopzilla launched Aisle A, a division that focuses on display ad sales and retargeting. This means that Aisle A will run ads on Shopzilla’s sites: Beso, BizRate and Retrevo.  They will also use data and analytics to extend to consumers with a particular intent.

“To excel in the retail landscape you must know something about a consumer’s shopping intent – from search or otherwise … and then be able to connect them with relevant products and the sellers of those products,” said Shopzilla CEO Bill Glass in a formal statement.

Glass mentioned that over the next few months, Aisle A will target mobile advertising. This is to ensure that the increasing number of smartphone and tablet users out there are being reached.

This is good sign for merchants. Whenever a company evolves and adapts, the merchants are typically the ones to benefit.

Listing your ads on Shopzilla isn’t difficult to do, however, it may not be your best approach. There are many other comparison shopping engines out there, including PriceGrabber, Nextag, Google and Shopping all rake in good web traffic. This past year, Google and Amazon have seen increased numbers, while the Shopzilla service has not. Our policy is that you should not ignore this CSE giant. Like many other things in life, diversification is key. Shopzilla may very well be one of the CSEs where you’ll experience the best ROI. How can you tell for sure? OperationROI works with you to determine how Shopzilla, and other CSEs out there, can help your sales. Find out more by calling us at 1-888-277-5429 or by filling out our contact form.

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