Stops Accepting Feed Files

By November 20, 2014Pronto Changes Business Model

Without any notice, has stopped accepting feed files and blocked merchants from access to the Pronto Merchant Account Center. When you attempt go to to Pronto’s Merchant Center login screen you are greeted by the following message.

The MEXP product listings will no longer be used on Pronto going forward as the MEXP feed is being shut down. Pursuant to the agreement, Pronto, LLC (formerly Pronto, Inc.) has elected to terminate the Agreement effective November 20th, 2014.

Any outstanding account balances will be refunded within 45 days to the credit cards on file, and final November invoices will be sent out later this month to settle outstanding balances.

Pronto Shuts Down

If you attempt to login, you also get the following message:

The MEXP feed has been shut down, and your account no longer has access to this portal.

When you visit, the website structure has changed. First you are now greeted with a simple screen with single search bar. The search capabilities have changed, with new filter options lining the right hand side of the page. The top and bottom of the page now have additional sponsored ads from Google as well. In addition, many of the FAQ, contact and merchant center links on the footer are gone.

As far as the products being served, Pronto now appears to only be syndicating products from other sources and websites.

We have reached out to Pronto, but have not received any response at this time.

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