TheFind’s New Retailer Advertising Program

By October 23, 2014TheFind

What You Need to Know About TheFind’s New Paid Advertising Programs

TheFind – with more than 15 million unique monthly shoppers to its site/app – has just announced a new retailer advertising program, designed to increase retailers’ visibility and traffic. With its already well received mobile apps, this new program could help make TheFind a necessary go-to for online retailers. The program is currently in beta release and is slated for a wide release in mid-Q3.

“With the growing importance of mobile traffic coupled with a competitive advertising land-scape, it’s difficult for retailers to efficiently reach their customers,” said Siva Kumar, co-founder and CEO at TheFind, in a released statement. “Our advertising program provides an excellent opportunity for retailers to gain experience with TheFind, benchmark traffic and conversion results from our mobile apps and website to prepare for the upcoming holiday shopping season.” touts its use of patented search and eCommerce technology to “make shopping simple as it locates hard-to-find items, checks for local product availability, [and] identifies coupons,” according to company statements. Adding the retailer advertising program to the mix will make TheFind more attractive to retailers, thus hopefully strengthening their role as a reputable source for online shoppers.

So, how does this program work?

Getting To Know TheFind’s New Retailer Advertising Program

The new program aims to help retailers increase traffic and visibility for promoted products and features category and product level bidding to increase web traffic. The program supports cost-per-click and revenue share based models. Retailers already familiar with search advertising and product listing ads may find it a benefit to join the cost-per-click program. Retailers who prefer marketplace type models can also use TheFind’s revenue share advertising program.

Enrolling in the program is pretty straightforward. If you already have an account with TheFind, you simply go to the newly launched Retailer Central to log in and pick your program. If, however, you’re not an active member, you go visit TheFind’s CPA form or CPC form to enter your information and get started.

Do I Need To Be A Part Of This Program?

By now you’re likely part of at least two various advertising programs. Do you really need to take part in TheFind’s?


TheFind’s technology does provide customers with a unique buying experience, which is why the eCommerce search engine continues to enjoy success, even as it battles against the giants known as Amazon and Google. While a good portion of your conversions possibly take place in other engines, it’s worth looking over your portfolio and strategy to see what benefit you’d have to focusing more time and energy in TheFind.

Of course, deciphering your data is a tall task, which is why OperationROI can help. With experience helping online advertisers design and redesign their strategies, we can help you determine where you should spend the most time and energy. Perhaps TheFind should be part of the mix. Perhaps not. At OperationROI, we’ll ensure the choices you make give you the biggest return on investment. Call us at 1-888-277-5429 or fill out our contact form for more information.

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