TheFind – A Discovery Shopping Engine Built For Your Ecommerce Success?

By August 23, 2013TheFind

TheFind – A Discovery Shopping Engine

TheFind - A Discovery Shopping EngineWhat’s the difference between a discovery shopping engine and a comparison shopping engine? The answer might make all the world to you and your ecommerce success. prides itself on being a “discovery shopping engine,” rather than your traditional CSE, which is why it might very well be a vital fixture in your online merchant portfolio.

But why?

Any consumer who surfs the web is surfing somewhere along the buy cycle. Those who visit comparison shopping engines such as Google Shopping are in a different part of the buy cycle from those who are still browsing. That’s where TheFind comes into play. TheFind tries to target shoppers earlier in the buy cycle, meaning that you, as an ecommerce merchant, should consider approaching your data feed on TheFind differently than you would other shopping engines.

So, what’s the difference between discovery shopping and comparison shopping?

It’s all about the appearance and user experience. With CSEs, consumers get to evaluate prices and conditions of nearly identical products, meaning you’re going head-to-head with dozens of other merchants, if not more. It also means that consumers have a strong idea of what they want. This, of course, is an important part of the buy cycle and your online success. If you can woo people toward your side, then you’ll almost surely make a sale, as comparing prices is a close step to “conversion.”

But what about those “still looking” folks, who have yet to refine their search to specific products? That’s whom TheFind helps you target.

With “discovery shopping” engines like TheFind, consumers can tailor product results to their vision. This includes allowing consumers the freedom to choose colors, brands, and such. The goal of TheFind is to narrow down a consumer’s search from the massive, to the focused.

Your online success with TheFind

TheFind is, by no means, the only discovery shopping engine out there, but it is quite a popular one. Their landing page says it all: Personalize Your Shopping.

They want consumers to feel like they have the ability to create their own online experience, rather than be fed a list of products that some search engine feels is a perfect match. This sort of approach has proven popular among web surfers, meaning it should be a staple of your portfolio.

Approaching your feed with TheFind is going to differ from CSEs. You need to remember that your consumer is in a different mindset, and in a different part of the buy cycle, than if he were using a CSE. As you prepare to submit your feed to TheFind, keep in mind what your consumer would want. In the discovery phase, it’s about freedom and options. Be sure to provide consumers with ample opportunity to mix and match within your own products, including color, sizes, materials and more. At this point in the buy cycle you win over a consumer just by simply offering the most variety. From there you’re already in their favor as they consider comparing what you have to others.

Look at discovery shopping, and TheFind, as a setup man for the CSE. Most consumers will still compare products and merchants to ensure they’re getting a great deal, so you don’t want to lose sight of that. But so long as you remain competitive in the CSE world, then a strong showing with TheFind can set you up for the greatest return on investment.

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