Operation ROI - A Tactical Approach To Ecommerce Marketing
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Navigating ecommerce marketing strategies for optimized return

Ecommerce marketing companies are a dime-a-dozen, all promising increased sales and revenue. Many will lead you to believe that after several months, your campaigns will run themselves — and then you stop hearing from them. Problem is, the Internet is organic. Alive. Constantly changing. This is where we differentiate ourselves from the pack. We know from experience that for you to stay competitive — to optimize returns — your campaigns must be constantly monitored and tweaked. That’s our specialty: We maximize your ROI by micro-managing your ecommerce marketing initiatives.

OperationROI is a full-service Internet
marketing management group. We turn
e-commerce sites into moneymakers through the smart use of comparison shopping engines, affiliate marketing, social media, data feeds, email marketing, analytics, pay-per-click (PPC), and other tactics. We’re results-obsessed and will do everything possible to help you succeed online.  Read more »

We recognize every business is
different. Many marketing companies
use cookie-cutter plans to determine
how you should market on the Internet. By contrast, we customize strategies based on your goals and budget. Our objective is to exceed all your expectations, by maximizing your exposure, profits and return on investment. Read more »

Long-term strategies and
short-term tactics go a long
way, but proper execution is essential in launching and maintaining any campaign over extended periods. Our strength is our extensive knowledge of e-commerce and web marketing. We know what works, what doesn’t. So we use our knowledge to build your online site into a lucrative profit center, with minimal spend. Read more »